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Courtyard Books

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Courtyard Books specialises in Mind, Body and Spirit books, with large selections of titles on religion, self help and healing.Our shelves are full of occult titles by Aleister Crowley, A.E. Waite, John Symonds, Kenneth Grant and others.We always have books about Glastonbury's history, mythology and Arthurian associations, and titles by Glastonbury authors such as Dion Fortune, Frederick Bligh Bond and Katherine Maltwood.

In common with the Speaking Tree as a whole we are keen to encourage environmental responsibility and we are expanding our stock of books on Permaculture, Intentional Communities, Low Impact Building and Organic Gardening.

In addition to all this you'll find Fiction & Poetry, books on Drugs & Psychedelia, Mythology & History, Art & Photography, Science, Cooking and Nutrition particularly vegetarian and vegan cook books, and raw food 'uncook' books! Plus a large selection of antiquarian titles, and plenty of general stock.

Buying from Courtyard Books

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff will be happy to advise you. We've been described by many customers as one of the best bookshops in the world (imagine a pretty pink blush spreading over our purple paintwork!). A small selection of our titles can be found on Abebooks

If you are after a particular title that we don't have in stock we can carry out a booksearch for you for an additional fee.
Bill in the Bookshop

Selling to Courtyard Books

We buy collections large and small, providing they are within our subject area. Most of our staff are trained bookbuyers. If you are bringing in a large collection (i.e. more than one large box) it is helpful if you can phone us so we can make space.

We will try and value your books on the same day and will pay you half of what we think the books will sell for in the shop, many people come back and sell us their books on a regular basis.

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